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Virtual Theatrical Soirées

We talk, we draw!

We are happy to introduce a new activity! The concept is as simple as pie - we chat and we draw from the same theme! So grab a coffee (or any other drink of your choice), sit down at your computer or tablet with a pen and paper, and get to drawing! ​


To connect to the meeting, just click on this link below a few minutes before the start of the session:


If you have any questions or problems logging in, please contact Lucille either by phone at 306.986.1026 or by email at!

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Virtual Theater

After last year's 3 online readings of Raoul Granger's play: Le Mariage d'La Fille Gareau, Vitalité 55+ would like to continue offering other readings this year in partnership with the Troupe du jour and the participation of Marie-Claire Marcotte.  


We expect to start up a new online play around April. Please consult our calendar to stay up to date on our upcoming events!


A big thank you to our

amateur actors:  

  • Annette Labelle 

  • Jennie Baudais

  • Guy Verette

  • Michel Vezina 

  • Louis Stringer

  • Roger Gauthier 

  • Laurier Gareau 

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Screenshot 2023-02-27 115338.png

If you are interested in participating in this project, please contact Claire at 306.230.7703 or by email at


Recordings of Previous Threatrical Soirées

cercle des ecrivains.png

In collaboration with the Writers' Circle, Vitalité 55+ is offering reading evenings this year. In the spirit of family evenings by the fireside, we invite you to come and listen to members of the Cercle for an evening on ZOOM. We have 2 new guests each evening. They tell us a tale, a story, folklore or read an extract from their works. Participation is free. 


For the time being, we have stopped offering these sessions, but we may bring them back in the future! To stay up to date on all of our activites, follow us on Facebook! 

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