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Intergenerational Project

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With the goal of bringing new life between communities and schools, the Fédération de la jeunesse Canadienne-française has launched a program called Vice Versa. This program aims to reinforce the sense of belonging and community involvement between students and their communities while encouraging personal and social development. This initiative will contribute to the vitality and blossoming of francophone communities that are in minority situations within the province while simultaneously shaping students’ identities.

For this project, the primary task for Vitalité 55+ and the schools is to promote intergenerational exchanges between seniors and younger generations.

Projects 2021-2022


With the help of Vonda's eniors, Providence School students were able to bake cookies together and learn to play card games. They also took advantage of their time together to do other fun activities. We can see in the images that the students were able to share beautiful moments with the elders of the Golden Age Center in Vonda.



L'St-Isidore School celebrated Family Literacy Day with a reading campout (pajamas, blankets and flashlights). They invited seniors from the community to read to students from pre-kindergarten to grade 6. We thank St-Isidore School as well as volunteers Suzanne Gareau, Joanne Perreault, Evelyne Gaudet, Doris Cousin, Jennie Baudais, Roger Topping and Gerald Gareau who charmed the students with their readings! Thanks also to the Vice Versa grants!


In Ponteix, there are reading workshops with seniors from the community.

Projects 2022-2023

Prince Albert

In Prince Albert, the project is based on learning recipes and ends with the organization of a big end-of-year meal with a theatrical evening. Cooking and sharing meals are rich intergenerational activities that foster exchanging knowledge and cultural experiences. The seniors shared their knowledge, wisdom and favorite recipes with the students, showed them how to prepare and cook the recipes, and then shared the prepared meals with others.

Zenon Park

In Zenon Park, the project includes 2 major components to include students ranging from 4th grade to 10th grade. The first part or the project consisted of purchasing musical instruments which were then used by students and seniors for concerts. The second part consists of inviting local seniors from the community who, with help from the students, wrote lyrics for a song.


As part of the grant program Vice Versa, the students of École Boréale went to the Saint-Joseph Foyer in Ponteix to do craft activities together with the residents and also dance and sing for the seniors!


In Bellegarde, a reading project was carried out in person and online, to allow seniors in the community to get involved in their grandchildren's learning process.


Every Thursday afternoon, our president, Michel Vézina, goes to the francophone school in Gravelbourg to teach dance to students from pre-kindergarten to grade 9. This activity is made possible thanks to the Vice-Versa project. A dance show will take place in early April!


As part of the grant program Vice versa, the students of the Boreal School went to the nursing home in Ponteix to do craft activities with the residents and also to dance for the seniors!


Projects 2021-2022


In Gravelbourg, several small projects have occurred throughout the year including virtual reading activities, gardening, and craft/art activities. From Christmas carols to a parade, students and seniors have been able to meet multiple times during the school year!

Contact - School Principal, Maryse Lavallée - 306.648.3105


In Ponteix, there are workshops for learning to read through historical subjects on First Nations and the Fransaskois region (via ZOOM) as well as arts and crafts activities. The students' artwork is displayed in the Village foyer. 


Contact: School Principal, Amadou Touré - 306.625.3345


Projects 2019-2021


Students from the Industrial Arts class at St-Isidore school built flower pots for seniors at the Bellevue Foyer. They did a great job!


Congratulations to the students of École Boréale in Ponteix who painted for the St-Joseph foyer. The students made paintings individually and also collectively made a large canvas which they painted together. Today, this large canvas is displayed in the foyer and can be viewed by residents.

Zenon Park

A big congratulations to École NDV for carrying out 2 intergenerational projects with the constraints linked to the Covid-19. Despite this difficulty, they still had virtual reading workshops with seniors from Zenon Park and recorded a play that was later presented to the seniors in the Zenon Park Manoir.

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