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A Phone Call Away : 2 Support Lines for Francophones in Saskatchewan

A Phone Call Away is a collaborative promotional campaign by Vitalité 55+ and the RSFS. The purpose of the campaign is to publicize the following telephone services.

Sentinelles entre aînés

Sentinelles entre aînés is a personalized call service offered free of charge by Vitalité 55+ to Fransaskois (French-speaking residents of Saskatchewan) customers aged 55 and over. This program allows isolated people to receive phone calls from volunteers for the purpose of socializing, chatting, discussing current events and having a friend to visit with over the phone. If you would like more information or would like to register, please contact us at 306.230.8501 or by email at

For more information on Sentinelles entre aînés:

TAO Tel-Aide

TAO Tel-Aide is a 24/7 empathetic helpline. Our volunteers are there to listen to you in all circumstances! Any reason is a good reason to call us:

  • That you feel alone and isolated;

  • Whether you are overwhelmed by suffering;

  • Or that you simply need to speak up and be heard.

Need to talk to someone? Call now! 1-800-567-9699

For more information on TAO Tel-Aide:



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